Jack and The Beanstalk – Video Game Project


My diploma project is an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk as a video game.

To resume, thanks to the beanstalk, Jack see his self blocked with the rich ogre who lives in the cloud’s world.

Then, he decides to steal all valuable items in order to bring it back to his mother.


The concept

The gamer has to climb and to cover the elements of the background in order to steal the hiden valuable stones. He mustn’t be discovered by the Ogre.

The Scale relationship

The point is to experiment the scale relation between Jack and the Ogre. The gamer will have to evolve in gigantic world.

Theme’s pieces

The manor contain theme’s piece which bring varieties ambiants and allow to mark each level.

One level correspond to one room. When the most precious stone has been stolen, the gamer get to the next level.

The map

The gamer has a map which allow him to know where he is in the manor.

If he wants, he can redo each pieces in order to find the other gemstones.

The pause menu

The pause menu allow to the gamer to see how much gemstones he has stolen.

An example level, « The Bathroom »

The goal is to pick up an emerald on the soap dish, above the bath.

Since the Orgre finished his bath, the idea is to reach the bath before it get empty. In order to escape with the gemstone by pipes while the Ogre is still here.

When the gamer redo this level the Ogre came back randomly with visuals and indicational sounds to announce his arrival.

Each pieces has their own script as the Ogre.

An other example, « The Enter »

For a first level, the Ogre only goes downstairs, take a glass of water at the fountain and then he gets out.

The idea is to introduce the presence of the Orgre to the gamer.


The characters

1. Jack

Thief, poor, only child, he’s ready to sacrifice everything for this mother.


The principales ations of Jack are

  • Running : which permits him to move and hide from the Ogre.

  • Climbing : so permits him to reach his goals.

  • Stealing : the stealing time depends of the gemstone size. The player needs to anticipate this action depending upon the Ogre.

2. The Ogre

He eats human flesh, but remains an elegant businessman.

The gamer never sees completely the Ogre, only some part, hand, foot, etc.

During game, the Ogre just do his life in his holiday mansion.

But, more gemstones disappear more he is watchful.


3. The Ogre’s wife

By maternal instinct, the Ogre’s wife helps Jack to hide from her husband.

But pay attention! Don’t steal in front of her otherwise she brings you to the Ogre.


3. Animals

In exchange for favors, they bring back precious stones to the Jack’s mother.

The gamer doesn’t repeat the travel up and down the bean.


3. Insects

They aren’t good or bad, each insects do their lives in the mansion.

Every insect can have interaction with the each other.

For example, to chase away a fly we can used one spider but without being eaten.



Nervous, it used its wings to block Jack.

Woodlouse can broke it when used like projectile.



Brave and fast, it helps Jack to move faster in level or to change level.


4. Servant

This characters are humans and they are in the same scale of Jack. They serve the Orgre.

They live in a little village built-in manor’s partition.

In exchange for favors they give informations and secrets about the manor. It allows Jack to find more gemstones.

For example, if the gamer saves the handmaid’s lover. She gives her access to jewellery box of the Ogre’s wife..



The player can hold on to the decoration which colors contrast with the ambiant room. It permit a good lecture of the environment. For this one it is the red.

The possibility to step back with camera on the stage allow the gamer to have a better view.

In order to bring forward the small-sized of Jack compared to the environement. We use the focal point. The idea is to do it with a macroscopic view.

An example of the anbiant in an other room.

At the end of the video we can hear the sound of footsteps which anounce the arrival of the Ogre.

When Jack is in danger the general atmosphere of the game became more oppressive.  Luminosity decrease and sound becomes stressful.

Decorations, on which the gamer can hold on, become more luminescent. Then the player gets a better visibility to escape more easily.


Support the project

To support the project, you can like the facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/JackHaricotMagiqueJeuVideo?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Above 5K like I stop everything and I develop the video game 🙂

Thank you.

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